Old, leaky windows in your Columbus, IN home do more than just make you feel chilly during the wintertime. They also can cause excessively high utility bills and lead to moisture and potential structural problems. Before you blame your home’s heating system for temperature swings and comfort issues, let’s take a look at how leaky windows affect how your house is heated.

1. Cold Air Drafts

Leaky windows can cause some parts of your home to feel downright cold. In particular, the perimeter walls of your house will feel cold to the touch due to the air leaks around the windows. Condensation may build up on the glass and window frame. Dripping water could lead to mold growth and rotting of the wood around the windows. Caulk, thermal drapes, or window sealing kits may help minimize these unwanted drafts of cold air and the associated condensation until you’re ready to get replacement windows installed.

2. Excess Heating System Wear and Tear

Leaky windows force your furnace or heat pump to work harder. The heating system will have to perform extra heating cycles in order to reach the temperature set point on your thermostat. Over the course of several winter seasons, your heating system will experience extra wear and tear. Key parts, such as the ignition, blower motor, or burner, may malfunction due to excessive wear and tear.

3. Shorter Heating System Lifespan

Leaky windows also affect the lifespan of your heating system. When the system has to perform more cycles in order to meet the demand for heat, it will wear out faster. You might have to replace your heating system several years before the typical 20-year lifespan of an average furnace or the 12-year lifespan of a heat pump.

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