Indoor air quality services and which one should I choose.
March 24

Indoor air quality services and which one should I choose.

This time of year there is a lot of back and forth weather. For many of us that means a battle with the dreaded Spring… View Article Read More

Humidity in Columbus, OH
July 18

Why Does My House Feel Humid With the AC On?

When your air conditioner isn’t working effectively, you may experience high humidity levels and stuffiness in your home. Too much AC humidity does not only… View Article Read More

Static Pressure in Columbus, OH
June 20

Static Pressure Defined

Static pressure is the airflow resistance in the ductwork. Standard air pressure is essential since too little or too high pressure will cause energy inefficiency… View Article Read More

Leaky AC in Colombus, IN
May 20

Reasons Your AC Is Leaking Water

Have you noticed water pooling around your air conditioning unit? If so, you might be wondering what causes it and how to fix the problem…. View Article Read More

April 18

Must-Know Smart Thermostat Installation Tips for Homeowners

Must-Know Smart Thermostat Installation Tips for Homeowners As a homeowner, you want to make upgrades to your home that help to save you money and… View Article Read More

Leaky Windows in Columbus, IN
March 17

3 Ways Leaky Windows Affect Your Home’s Heating

Old, leaky windows in your Columbus, IN home do more than just make you feel chilly during the wintertime. They also can cause excessively high… View Article Read More

Air Purifiers Versus Dehumidifiers in Columbus, IN
February 17

How Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you are concerned about the air quality inside of your home, there are a number of different options that may be able to help…. View Article Read More

Heating Repair Questions in Columbus, IN
January 11

Helpful Questions to Ask Following a Heating Repair

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Furnace Code Compliance in Columbus, IN
December 20

Does My Furnace Meet Current Safety Codes?

As crisp fall air turns into cold winter days and frigid nights, you’ll turn to your Columbus, IN, home’s furnace for relief. If your furnace… View Article Read More

Furnace Maintenance in Columbus, IN
November 20

Get Optimal Performance From Your Furnace With Proper Maintenance

Keep everyone in your house warm with a properly running furnace. Maintaining your furnace with regular service can extend the life of your furnace. At… View Article Read More