As crisp fall air turns into cold winter days and frigid nights, you’ll turn to your Columbus, IN, home’s furnace for relief. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, you might wonder whether or not it meets current codes for safety and performance. Use these tips to determine if your furnace is up to code and find out what to do if your furnace may not meet all of the current safety and energy efficiency guidelines.

International Residential Code

The International Residential Code (IRC) governs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for homes. This is a set of guidelines that communities may choose to adopt as part of their fire or building code requirements. A few of the examples in the IRC for furnaces include a stipulation that furnaces should be installed in a location that provides easy accessibility for maintenance and repairs. Another requirement of the IRC is that electric furnaces should conform to UL 1995 guidelines.

Bartholomew County and Columbus Local Codes for Furnaces

The city of Columbus has its HVAC code requirements available on the city administration website. In Columbus, the Bartholomew County Department of Technical Code Enforcement is responsible for inspecting newly installed furnaces and other HVAC equipment in homes and businesses. The code guidelines stipulate that permits are required for these installations.

Common Code Requirements

No matter whether your property is governed by Bartholomew County’s code enforcement or another entity for local inspections, there are some general IRC code guidelines that most local authorities follow when determining whether or not your furnace is up to code. For example, gas furnaces need at least 6 inches of clearance around the combustion chamber for safe and sufficient airflow. In flood hazard zones, furnaces should be elevated in order to provide enough clearance to avoid floodwater.

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