If your bedroom is too hot or cold when you sleep, it can have a serious impact on the overall quality of your rest. If your sleep environment isn’t right, you may wake up more often, toss and turn, or have trouble entering a deep slumber. The good news is that there are strategies you can use to find what your ideal sleep temperature actually is.

Use Your HVAC System

Your heating and cooling systems have a major role to play in finding your optimal sleep temperature. Over the course of a week, experiment with turning the furnace and/or air conditioner up to varying degrees, and record details about the quality of your sleep. You may find, for example, that you sleep much better when the cooling system is cranked up.

Alter the Flow of Air

By opening or closing doors and windows in your home, you can change the way that air is flowing. Experiment by cracking a window or opening your bedroom door and see if that extra breeze makes a difference in how comfortable and restful your sleep is.

Change the Humidity Level

The level of moisture present in your home’s air has a real effect on how warm or cold you feel, including when you’re lying in bed. As a general rule, a humidifier will add moisture to your air and likely make you feel warmer while a dehumidifier will dry the air out and make your home feel more chilly. Consider trying out one or both of them to find your optimal sleep climate.

Friendly Heating and Cooling Professionals

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