Keep everyone in your house warm with a properly running furnace. Maintaining your furnace with regular service can extend the life of your furnace. At Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling, we can get your home ready for the cold Columbus winters.

Professional Furnace Maintenance

Having annual furnace maintenance service done will help ensure your heating system is working when you need it. There are many mechanical parts that go into keeping your house warm.

Professional furnace maintenance includes inspecting all the furnace’s central components. We can test your system. If any part of your furnace needs to be adjusted, cleaned, or lubricated, we will do that. We will also check for leaks and make any necessary repairs.

Things You Can Do on Your Own

There things you can do every two to three months to keep your furniture running:

  • Replace the filter — Replacing the furnace filter every two to three months improves the furnace’s performance.
  • Clean the vents — Inspecting and cleaning the air intake and delivery vents optimizes the air flow.
  • Listen for strange noises — If your furnace starts to make a strange noise, it can be a sign that something needs repair.

Clean and Sanitize Your Ducts

The ducts that deliver the heat from your furnace collect dust and debris. Pet hair from cats, dogs, and other furry friends also collects in your heating system. As the dust builds up, dust mites can make your duct work their home. These and other contaminants are common causes of allergens as they recirculate throughout your home.

We offer a high-tech duct work cleaning service. Our system sanitizes each duct by using air pressure with whips and atomizers.

Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling has been serving the Columbus area since 2014. We take pride in accurately identifying the heating and cooling problem and in doing the job right the first time. If you run into an unexpected issue after hours, we offer 24/7 emergency service. We have an indoor air quality program and full-service installation for heating and air conditioning. Contact Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling today for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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