So these days we’re all a little worried about this covid-19 bug. And it’s understandable that we all want to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us safe from spreading this nasty disease. Governor Holcomb has signed in through executive powers Stay-at-home orders, and various other guidelines to help prevent the spread.

At Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling, we recognize the importance of these rules set into play. We want you, the homeowner to understand as well that your system is “essential” not only to your comfort, but your health, and your safety. We have suspended many non-emergency operations such as scheduled maintenance calls until May. If your system is underperforming or has quit working altogether, or maybe it’s leaking water on the floor. Then a service to your home will likely be required.

We would like to pioneer and utilize what we call “Contact-Free” Service. We need your help as the homeowner to make it happen.

What to do.

If your heating or cooling system breaks down, and service is required there are things you can do, to lessen potential exposure for yourself and your service technician. We would like to share here, some of those tips.

When you schedule an appointment for service, you’ll receive either a text or phone call that our technician is on the way. Keep an eye out for them, or ask for a text or phone call upon arrival. At this point, it’s a good idea to open your front doors and prop them open.

Doing this with every door that will need to be accessed during the servicing of your equipment should eliminate the need for your technician to touch any door handles. This should also allow you to show your technician the way to your heating and Cooling system while maintaining that all-important 6-foot social distance.

Prior to your technician entering your home, it is a good idea to turn on any lights that will be utilized. This includes lights in rooms your tech will have to walk through; of course, any lights in the area where work is to be performed should be included. This will eliminate the need for your tech to touch any light switches or walls. It will also allow you to change any lights that aren’t working. If there may be a concern about the quality of lighting, and you feel the technician may need more you can set up extra lights. Another alternative is you can let us know that additional lighting may be necessary so we can be prepared by providing our own. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure they are good and sanitized prior to bringing them into your home.

Believe it or not, dirty air filters are often a cause of breakdown. And in the instances where they’re not the direct cause, they are still a problem. Dirty air filters can cause inaccuracy with power and temperature readings. In the event we have to take psychometric readings (temperature and humidity readings) they will cause HUGE inconsistency making proper diagnosis difficult, to impossible. For this reason, filters are oftentimes the first point of contact our heating and AC Technician will make with your system.

Your furnace is the heart of everything heating and cooling in your home. It is also the central point that we will need to take many of our readings and measurements from. For this reason, we will have to touch the furnace to some extent, but changing, or removing your air filter prior to our visit will reduce what we need to touch. especially important since your air filter sets in the air stream that is recirculated and distributed throughout your home.

Our technicians will wear a fresh pair of rubber, gloves to help limit possible exposure for both yourself and your technician. It should be understood however that at times there will be a need to use additional protection such as cut, or temperature-resistant gloves and or eyewear.

Thank you for checking out our article on tips to help minimize exposure during service calls. We hope it was helpful and that you’ll share this article with your friends, and family.

Be safe! Stay Healthy!

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