Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling is dedicated to offering trusted indoor air quality to the residents of Avon, LA. If you’re sneezing a lot when indoors or have itchy eyes, it could be because of poor indoor air quality. Indoor air can be two to five times as polluted as the air surrounding your home.

    Indoor Air Quality in Avon, IN

    The situation can be made worse when you can’t keep your windows and doors open to allow fresh air to flush out the dirty air in your home. Having air quality testing performed can allow you to understand the severity and scope of a situation. An expert can answer any of your questions about your options for cleaning the air in your space.

    Avon’s Top Air Quality Testing

    Particulates, chemical vapors, viruses, bacteria, and mold can all circulate in your space and lead to health issues. Long-term exposure to certain types of pollutants has been linked with heart and lung disease. Indoor air pollution can come from many different sources, including pets, cooking, candles, and cleaning supplies. You can rely on an expert to install an air cleaning system that’s unique to your specific needs.

    Avon's Top Air Quality Testing

    There are several options available for cleaning indoor air.
    • Upgraded furnace and air conditioner filters
    • Air scrubbers
    • Purifiers
    • UV lights

    A humidifier or dehumidifier is also a great way to increase the comfort of your home. Having the proper moisture level in your space can end up lowering your energy bills and saving you money.

    Indoor Air Quality Specialists

    At Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling, we want our Avon customers to have complete peace of mind about the air circulating in their homes. Our highly experienced technicians are ready to install all makes and models of air cleaning systems. We strive to work with high-quality products that will stand the test of time. You can trust us to address any of your concerns thoroughly and honestly. With a shop conveniently located off of Craft Street in Lake Charles, we’re able to respond to any type of service request in a timely and efficient manner.

    Our locally owned and operated company was founded in 1999. We have an experienced team, and we always work with the best interests of our customers in mind. We’re up front about all aspects of our work and dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with our customers. We charge reasonable rates for everyone we do, and hidden fees will never appear on the final bill. We aim to offer great customer service.

    Give the team from Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling a call today to learn more about keeping the air in your home safe and clean.

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    We provide indoor air quality services in Columbus and Greenwood, as well.