Making sure your furnace is safe going into the winter is very important. The winter months are when your furnace works the hardest, so it is crucial that you have it inspected in the fall to know it is safe and ready for the added stress.

Vacuum Regularly

Keeping your home’s furnace clean every month is vital. Not only will it get a good cleaning when it gets serviced, but you should also vacuum the lint and dust around and inside it so that there isn’t a fire hazard. Schedule regular cleanings for your furnace and the area around it on your cleaning calendar or as a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget.

Make Sure There Is Good Air Flow

The area around your furnace and even around the floor vents that lead to your furnace should have excellent airflow. Don’t block the flow of air around any part of your HVAC system, so you can always maximize the efficiency.

No Flammable Items

Be sure to keep all flammable items far away from the area of your furnace. Flammable items include clothing, rags, gasoline for your lawnmower, wood, sawdust from woodworking, boxes, and many other items.

Keep Up With Inspections

An inspection for your furnace in the fall is ideal because it allows you to have a good working furnace all winter. However, it is essential to have annual inspections and even one in the spring if you think it lost efficiency over the winter or needs repairs.

Use Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important to have on each floor in your home, so you know that you are as safe as possible while your furnace is operating.

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